Applying India visa for Malaysian passport holder

[Updated info as of 18 January 2016]
Price list photo taken by reader.

Photo credit: Johnny Chai

[Updated info as of 3 October 2015]

  • The visa price has been increased by 19% with effective from 1st October 2015.
    India visa price 2015
  • Besides the normal visa described in below article, India government has implemented a new online service for Indian visa application, it’s called e-TOURIST VISA (eTV), in which the applicant doing the entire application from online, no longer required to print out the application form and submitted it to the visa center in person. For more info, please visit:
  • I have not tried the new eTV application approach yet, with feedback from friend, the new eTV tourist visa was cost US$61.80 for single entry 30 days stay period.
    eTV visa


[Updated info as of 22 August 2014]

  • The visa center implemented the biometrics reading policy where every time one apply a visa, he/she will required to scan his/her all ten fingers print & a mug shot photo. The process is simple, when instructed, you stand on a blue box marked on the floor, look at the tiny camera, then step up to put your left palm press firmly onto the scanner, it will be lit up green light, when beep, you scan your right palm, and finally both thumb.
  • Another new regulation effective from 10 March 2014 is the requirement for confirmed flight ticket to & from India. If you do not have a return flight ticket print out, the receptionist may refused to issue you the queue number for submission. Base on my observation, currently they only enforce the inbound (to India) ticket, if you explain to the officer you will be fly home via Nepal, it should be fine, but again, the officer will have the final call.
  • This was what I went thru, maybe you guys can get some ideas how to deal with it.
    ok, I only have a one-way ticket to Kolkata. The receptionist at first refused to accept my application, but I explain nicely to her I plan to fly out via Nepal, that’s why I do not have an fly home ticket from India, and I request to speak to an officer to offer my explanation, she asked me check with officer in counter 7 or 8 (which is Premium Service counter), I explain my situation (talk nicely is the key here), initially she want me to present my return ticket from Nepal, but I told her I will be there for 2~3 months, so I would not possibly know when exactly I will fly home at this moment and she agreed to process my application. I went back to the receptionist with the green light and she issued me the queue number.
  • India seems like changing their visa policy pretty frequently, if you guys experienced something new, please send me a note to update me, I will update this How-To guide accordingly. Thanks.


The visa center also offer some extra services like instant visa photo, home delivery etc.


There were reports where people without any flight ticket can get their India visa done via the travel agent on the left of the visa center, charges is RM200 all in, you do not need to fill up any online form, they will handle everything for you. I have not use their services personally, so I can not commend on it. If you choose to use their service, use it as your own risks.

[Updated info as of 28 April 2014]

  • According to reader’s report, now India give out 45 days stay for tourist visa (instead of the previous 30 days).
    Below notice was displayed in the visa center.
    India visa biometric India visa 45 days
  • India requires you to submit the visa application in person as they will scan your biometric finger prints during the submission process.

[Updated info as of 28 June 2013]

  • There is a new visa regulation effective from Jan 2013 to limit the duration of stay in India to 30 days instead of previously 180 days. (only apply to Malaysian passport, I’m not sure about other countries)
  • The fees for tourist visa remain the same, regardless single, double or multiple entries.
  • This is the new visa, you can compare it with the original version below. (new version do not have the signature printed)2013-06-28_18-10-15_202

—————–Original version below————————————————-

I thought it might be a good idea sharing the application process I went thru when I applying my Indian tourist visa.


Pre-requisite readings.
more info on

  • you need a passport valid for 6 months with minimum two blank pages.
  • 2 recent coloured photographs (2 inches X 2 inches) with white background ONLY.
    (make sure your visa photo do not look too much differences from your passport photo, people were rejected their visa because of that)
  • please note that Indian visa validity date start counting upon issued, meaning if you given a 90 days visa, the 90 days start from the date it issued to you, not starting from the date you enter the country.
  1. goto, read all the important messages.
  2. click on the “Online Visa Application Registration” link on the page bottom.
  3. fill in the following 3 pages form. It is not hard, you should be able to figure it out.
    Page 1 of Indian Visa Form
    Page 2 of Indian Visa Form

    Page 3 of Indian Visa Form
  4. on page 3, you may skip the upload photo section, as you need to submit the actual photo in person to the visa center.
  5. after verified all the data entered correctly, click on the “next”, you will be given a File Number. write it down as it will be the main code for future references.
  6. click the “Print” button on the dialog box to download/print the pdf file. I suggest you saved & keep a copy of the pdf file.
  7. goto, pay attention on the application submission date & time.
  8. bring your 2 pieces photo, passport and the 1 (one copy) printed form to the visa center.
  9. goto the IVS visa center Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm (except holiday). It is located opposite Agro Bank, next to 7-Eleven.
    GPS: N 3°8’49.14″, E 101°41’39.26″
    Google Map:,101.69424&t=m&z=15
  10. walk in, submit your form, photo & passport to the receptionist, get a queue number.
  11. when in your turn, pay RM161.56 cash (for Malaysian, 90 or 180 days Tourist visa regardless single/double entry).
  12. make sure you get the official receipt AND a queue number ticket. this must be presented when you collect your visa & passport later.
  13. the officer should tell you to come back collect it in 2~3 working days, please note that the collection time is between 4pm~5pm ONLY.
  14. upon arrival on the collection day, queue up on the counter marked “Collection”, hand in your receipt, voila~ you’re done 🙂
    here’s a sample of how’s the visa look like.

    India Tourist Visa

That’s it, I hope this info would be helpful for you 🙂


112 thoughts on “Applying India visa for Malaysian passport holder”

  1. Omg. Thank you so much for this post. Can you please please please answer a few of my questions,

    1. in ‘requirements’ for tourist visa number 6, they asked for ‘travel and tour itinerary’, what’s that?
    2. do I have to go on my own or can I send someone to do it for me lol 😀

    TQ so much in advance!!!

    1. Thanks for the info Munkean. I really need a clarification on this ,I’ve entered no of entries as single entry and I overlooked. Now I’ve submitted the form and its ready to be printed out.How can I correct the error ? Do I have to apply for another one ??Pls guide me.

      1. Hi Pam,
        Unfortunately once you’ve submitted it, you can’t anymore.
        One of the possible way is to create a new application start all over again.

  2. Nino,

    1) the itinerary just mean which city you plan to visit in India, but there’s nothing in the application form, so just ignore it 🙂
    2) I’m not sure if one can send somebody else to do it or not, but I did observed there were people (maybe travel agent) send in a stack of passports. the whole process did not asked for any identification proof, hope this would help.

    1. Hi MunKean, thank you taking the time to answer my questions, I REALLY appreciate it. I’m a student and had to work hard for the travel money, thus the paranoia about my visa being rejected and the visa money forfeited, or worse, missing my trip! You’ve been a good deal of help to me, thank you again.

  3. Hi munkean,

    Wow thanks for your blog. Does it matter when I fill in the application form online? Do I have to do it just right before I submit my form or I can fill in the form and print it out long before I go and submit it at the embassy?

    1. yes, you need to print out a copy of the form once you finished filling it up.
      you can always go back to print out the form with the reference code given to you.
      I’m not sure if they have any “expiry date” for the form, I think it should ok if you submit it within a week or two.

  4. Also, another IMPORTANT question is: For the tourist Visa for Malaysians, is it only for 30 days? What if I want to go there for 3 months? On the indian visa site, it says validity from one to six months. So which is true?

    1. yes, Malaysian passport holder only can get 30 days max.
      the validity date is just telling you your visa is valid within that date, once you’ve enter the country, it is the stay period that matters.
      say now is Jan & your validity is 6 months, 30 days stay. it means that you must enter India before July, once inside, max stay is 30 days.
      if you extend your stay, you may be fine a penalty fees & get deported on your own expenses.
      I don’t recommend you overstay, because dealing with Indian government bureaucracy can be a very time & cost consuming headache.

  5. hi. i have this question. so if i apply visa to go to india in march can reapply to the visa in june to go to india in the same year???? or is there any rule saying you only can apply visa once in 6 months ?? pls answer . urgent

  6. hi, for the photo, can we submit the photo taken as per our malaysian passport? because i still have some left, dont want to waste lah.

  7. Hi! Just curious, is there any way of getting India visa in one day? it might sound super weird, yet in the event of emergency.. will such thing be done? For instance, can i get the visa done in the evening if i submit the application in the morning? Thank you. (asking for a cousin who need to attend a 2 days family function)

  8. Thank you mun kean in advance.

    Referring Page 3 form > Reference in India….
    1) Must fill up this “reference in India”? What if we don’t know anybody there?
    I haven’t decided which hotel to book yet, so no fixed address yet.
    I’m a Malaysian.

  9. Hi bro, my wife is indian passport holder and my daughter malaysian passport. She want stay they for long time. but my daughter can stay only for 30 days.. is it any special visa to my daughter to stay at india more than 30 days?? pls help me.

  10. Dear Mun Kean,

    To clarify, how long can we stay in India with Tourist visa? do we still need to do a tourist visa? how long is the gap for us to reenter India again after the visit?

    i am planning my trip in 22 September 2014 until 5 November 2014, and then coming back to Malaysia. and then reenter India again in end December 2014. is there any issue on this?

    appreciate your help on this.

    1. yvonne,
      Malaysian citizen are required to obtain a tourist visa prior entering India,
      starting from 28 Apr 2014 Malaysian can stay up to 45 days with the tourist visa.
      as far as I know, they no longer imposed the 60 days re-enter restriction for Malaysian.
      so now you should be able to exit india and re-enter back within a short period.

  11. Hi, recently I went to the INDIA VISA agent in JB. I have filled the form on-line, bring the photo etc but they ask me flight ticket to be included in the application. is it something new?

    1. I’m not sure if this is new rule but I heard one case in KL also demand a return flight ticket.
      A friend apply last month reported the visa center in KL, the travel agent next to the center can “prepare” everything without a valid flight ticket with a processing fees, if not mistaken, it cost about RM200 including the visa fees. Maybe you should check with travel agent in JB.
      btw, please come back to report your “visa adventure” in JB later, we’d like to some updates from the south 😉

  12. Dear Mun Kean,

    If it is for business purpose, will it be the same as the tourist visa? Maximum how long will it be ready (assume all requirement fulfilled)?

    Kindly advice.

    Thanks in advance

    1. hi Andrew,
      to be honest, I never apply Indian business visa before, so I’m not too sure max how long one can stay per entry, but given the stricter supporting docs requirements & business nature, I think you should get the amount of days (in term of months) you applied for.

      btw, should you got your B visa later, please drop me a note here, so that I can update the info. Thanks 🙂

      1. Dear Mun Kean,

        Please note that if you would like to apply for Business Visa with Multiple Access for 12 months required the following:

        1. Letter from Malaysian Company (Require the expected travelling date stated which very clearly)

        2. Business Registration of Malaysia Company (ROC)

        3. Invitation Letter from Indian Company

        4. Business Registration of Indian Company (Certificate of incorporation)

        The Visa application fees: MYR 466.00 and your Visa will be ready in 3 business day.

        Recommend to purchase premium service at MYR 50.00 – this will definitely save lots of your time otherwise you might need to queue for hours.

        Hope the above helps :]


  13. Hi Munkean,
    Do you have any later news about the following:
    “A friend apply last month reported the visa center in KL, the travel agent next to the center can “prepare” everything without a valid flight ticket with a processing fees, if not mistaken, it cost about RM200 including the visa fees. ”
    I am planning to visit India soon, but i don’t have any flight ticket yet. So, I would like to know if the visa works and legal in India?
    How can they skip the biometric procedure? Do we need to scan our fingers on arrival? Does it important?

    1. JoJo,

      sorry for the late reply, I just came back from India.
      ok, back to your question, sorry, I do not have any updates on the travel agent case.
      if you successfully obtained the visa, it must be legal, cause it is issue by India authority.
      as far as I know, there is no way to skip the biometric process, you scan the fingers ONLY during the visa application process.
      when you entered India, their immigration officer only take a snapshot of your face before stamping your passport, no fingers scanning.
      hope this would help.

  14. Hi Munkean,
    I wonder if the 45days stay with double entry, I can go India for 45days then come back Malaysia or go to Nepal for a week then enter India again and stay for another 45days. It will be within 6months validity date double entry. Correct me if I am wrong…thanks first!

  15. Hi MunKean, what do I fill for the part of “Duration of visa (in months)”? Also, do they let you get a multiple entry or double entry if you are not certain you will travel to India more than once? Would you have to prove it?

    1. Li,
      you can key in two months, but you only get maximum 45 days.
      India is very relax on single/double/multiple requirement, basically they will just give you what you want, no need additional supporting documents.
      If you’re not sure, just select double or multiple entries, the visa fee is the same regardless which option you choose.

  16. Hi Mun Kean, my company applied for my visa online, and they made a mistake in the form, stating I have not been to India. I have, in 2012, the visa stamp is still on my passport. So can I personally reapply online again to correct the mistake or wait for my company to do it? I have not gone to the embassy to submit my application.

    1. Angelo,
      to be honest, I don’t know the answer to your question, if your company still haven’t clicked the final submit button, you can use the “Temporary Application ID” to log back in to make amendment. if they already submitted it, I think you could create a new form to restart everything (I’m not 100% sure for that, but I did created another form in my previous submission, it was ok tho).
      Most important is you never submitted the real paper form.
      I suggest you give them a call to be 100% sure.

      1. Thanks Munkean, I decided to reapply again, I’m submitting my visa application tomorrow. I’ll tell you if everything went well or not .

  17. Hi…I have some visiting to do in March 2015 in India. And I have to go again in 1st of May for a wedding. My visa ends in 19/5/2015. Is it possible for me to attend the wedding. Any clauses? So am I able to go to India. In this both the months.Tq.

  18. Hi. Here is an update as Aprill 2015.
    The fee for visa application inclusive GST is RM161.56. BEWARE as they will ask RM162 and keep the change.
    If you put multiple entries, then must put 6 months visa validity.
    if single entries, then you can put 1 months visa validity. This is important as they will ask you to pay premium fee (++RM50) to issue a letter from their embassy to allow you for multiple entries. if you don’t want to pay the premium, then you have to go back and edit your application.

  19. hi munkean.. i want to visit India to meet my beloved, so what visa can be applicable for me n easy way for single visit

  20. Hi, I am planning to travel across India, enter from Myanmar and exit India into Pakistan in September 2015. I want to apply for an India tourist visa. Since I will be traveling on land what would be the best answer if I am asked for return air ticket?


    1. Amzah,
      I guess the best way is tell them the truth about your plan to enter/exit overland.
      I think it would be easier if you can show them your flight ticket enter Myanmar or
      the special permit for exit Myanmar/India border.

      btw, since this Myanmar-India route is getting more easy & viable, I would be appreciate if Mr. Amzah could update us later about your progress of crossing this 2 country. I’m pretty sure lots of people interested to learn this process. Thanks 🙂

  21. Hi im planning to go india from malta, im a malaysian passport holder, i would like to go from 2nd august to 12 october, is that possible please?

    1. Sahana,
      it depend on from where you apply the visa, if you apply in Malaysia, you will be given 45 days stay period, which is not possible to stay 71 days as you wish.
      If you apply from Malta, you may not have this restriction. As far as I know, Malaysian passport apply in Singapore, Nepal will be given the normal 180 days visa instead of 45.
      So you need to check with Indian embassy in Malta.

  22. Thank you munkean

    I Went to embassy in Malta today and he advise to put 6 months and tick the multiple entry, they dont do it here, will courier to India, im juz worried of the approval.

  23. If is not 3 months do they reject or wil just give 45 days and i will have to change my travellling period? Please advise

    1. Sahana,
      normally they won’t reject your application if you fill out the info correctly, they might just give you only 45 days.
      I suggest you do as the embassy guy in Malta suggested and see what turn out. worst case is, you do a visa run to Nepal and then re-enter India for second time (make sure you apply double or multiple entries).

  24. Thank you munkean

    The embassy advise to tick 6 months with multiple entry.
    on the places want to visit column, do i hav to put nepal? I jus put as kerala, Rishikesh, tamil nadu and delhi

  25. Thanks munkean

    My last question, we would like to travel on our own then may be some places with the tour guide, we will find tour agents once in delhi. Do i have to attached itinerary for visa application?

  26. Hi anyone to help, for malaysian passport if we apply for india visa from bangkok is it possible? How many days processing time and how long do we get visa for? Please help

  27. Hi, i have booked a ticket confirmation to india from emirates and submitted to indian embassy. Unfortunately the booking will automatically cancel in their system after 5 days. Is there will be any issues if my flight confirmation cancelled. ? Do india embassy will call emirates to verify the confirmation? Im afraid the system wil show cancel and wil be a problem to get my visa approved.

    Please advise

    1. Janet,
      sorry for the late reply, hope your application run smooth.
      anyway, as far as I’m aware, they just want the ticket as part of the formality, I don’t think they will actually verify it. (just my opinion, imagine if they did enforced to verify the ticket, the amount of workload would be extremely high & inefficient)

      1. Hi Munkean,how much exactly do i need to pay for an Indian tourist Visa after an online application is completed.Thank you.

  28. Hi i need ur help. I have apply online tourist visa. And in period of visa column i wrote 2 months with multiple entry visa..i already received visa which is Valid from 17 sept to 16 march 2016..and recently i have traveled to india on 22 sept to 2 oct. Now m planning to go india again on November for 40days. Am o able to travel eith this visa because on online i only requested for 2months. Need. Your advice on this. Pls reply TQ

    1. nithya,

      your visa will be valid until 16 March 2016, therefore you will be fine to enter India on November 2015.
      However, whether for each entry how long you can stay is determine by the stay period they granted you, if nothing specific written on your visa, you should be able to stay up to 180 days (sorry, I’m not sure about your nationality), if you are Malaysian, each entry only can stay maximum 45 days. (30 days if you apply the newer eTV electronic visa)

      1. Tq for your information..m malaysian so m able to stay upto 45 days as stated on my visa..but can i go and come back as many long my visa is valid am i correct. One more thing is there any period that i have to wait for re enter to India again example after first entry have to wait 1 month to re enter again..or i can go n come anytime. Each time i can stay upto 45 days rite…so second visit can stay again upto 45 days rite..TQ

      2. nithya,
        yes, with a multiple entry visa, you can visit India many times within the validity period.
        There is no waiting period between visit and every re-entry you can stay up to 45 days.

  29. Hi! You mentioned about the e-TOURIST VISA (eTV), does it means that we just apply it online and don’t need to go to embassy? Kindly advise. Thanks.

    1. Sabrina,
      Yes, if you apply eTV, the entire process will be done online, no need to visit embassy or visa center, at the end you will be given an electronic document and a barcode to show the immigration officer when you enter India.

      1. Sir, please advise. i went to india in september and my indian VISA is now valid till march 2016. I am traveling to india again in feb 18th 2016 (duration 4 days (attend a wedding). Do i need to re-appy for the indian VISA please? kindly shower some info. thanks

      2. Muthoo,
        Please look at your visa, if under “No. of Entries” stated DOUBLE or MULTIPLE, then you can re-enter India again, so long as you visit within the “Date of Expiry” date.
        If SINGLE, then you already consumed your visa, you will need to reapply a new visa.

      3. Thank you for the reply sir. my visa stated””multiple”” And the expiry dated 2nd march 2016.
        my travel date is feb 18th till 21st feb 2016.
        is this good to travel or I have to redo another please?

      4. Dear Sir, thanks for all the great support. I have a friend in kota kinabalu ,Sabah ..he wants to travel to india. But wonder if there is
        a indian visa office in Sabah please? if so may I hve the address please?

  30. Hi Munkean, your site is super helpful, thanks for the effort!
    You mentioned in one of your replies that the Myanmar – India route is very common now. I’m Malaysian with my eye on the multiple entry 6 months validity in hopes of getting 45 days in India through Myanmar, hop out of country (Sri Lanka/Bangladesh) and return with another 45 days. Should I apply for the visa while in Msia or when I’m in Myanmar? I’m usually the kind that wings it but with the itinerary requirements it seems I might need to plan ahead.. your thoughts? Thank you, cheers!

    1. hi Zhesickcar,
      great that you hv such an adventurous plan 🙂
      – based on the reports I got, it would be easier to traverse from east to west than west to east.
      – I’m guessing that you’re starting from Malaysia, in that case, it would be better to apply both India & Myanmar visa in Malaysia (pls note that India visa validity start counting from the day issued) , then you’ll eliminate 2 major obstacles before on the road.
      – once you’re entering Myanmar, you need to go to Yangon to apply for the special permit which would allow you exit the border on Indian side. If I’m not mistaken, it will cost you somewhere USD$100++ per permit per person. (this permit as far as I know, only issue to tourist overland by foot or bicycle only, car or motorbike are still very much depend on your luck & huge red tapes in their government)
      – you need to engage a travel agent (better find one based in Yangon) to apply the special permit.
      – once you’ve enter India, you’re free to explore this amazing elephant land 🙂
      – for Indian visa run, it’s better go Nepal or SriLanka, because for Pakistan visa you need to apply in-person in KL (validity max 90 days only) and Bangladash, required a Letter of Invitation from the local. Nepal being the easiest escape, just walk to the border post, pay USD, you’re done!

      hope I’ve answer your questions. Good luck.

  31. hi there. just passing thru your blog. I have question, if my tourist visa approved on 20th Nov, I’ll come to India on 18th Dec & fly back to Malaysia on 22 Dec. Can I enter India again on Jan & Feb 2016? Total days of stay not more than a week each visit. or should i apply for another visa? thanks!

    1. hi Intan,
      Your visa will printed a Date of Expiry, if you have a double or multiple entries visa, you would be able to re-enter India within that expiry date. (see the visa photo in my article)

      1. thanks!
        another question.. what types of visa i should apply, if I just wanted to accompany my husband who has meeting there? and what types of visa I should apply for my husband?

  32. Hi Mun Kean, Curious if you can give me this answer. Because of a huge mess, Do you think its possible to get a 3 month visa in another country e.g Sri Lanka or Nepal AFTER already having a 1 month e-visa? Thanks.

    1. Li,
      let’s put it this way, say you already have 1 month e-visa (single entry), the moment you exist India (assume you enter Nepal), your e-visa will expired. then you can apply a new India tourist visa in Nepal.
      but whether they give you 3 month or less it is depend on that particular embassy.
      I heard some reports that for example, Nepal gave 3 months despite apply within Malaysia only gave 45 days. (I do not have any news about Sri-Lanka)

  33. Hi munKean,
    Not sure if somebody already asked this question or not, the print-out of the application form must be coloured or black&white acceptable?

  34. Hi Munkean
    Just ask, we have 70 pax ( all tourist guides of Malaysia ) due to travel to the golden triangle in month of October for a study / educational tour at some of the UNESCO certified sites there. Will be there for a week. Could we apply for a waiver of VISA or at least a special Div to handle and simplified our admission to India?

    1. Greg,
      Sorry, I do not have similar experience or information of such a matter. I suggest you contact India embassy directly (not the visa center), see if they have any special provision for such visit.
      I believe if you guys could get endorsement from UNESCO, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  35. Hi Munkean,

    Let say I apply for business visa for business purpose in January. Then later in May, I will be going to India for holiday. Can I use the existing (valid) business visa for tourism purpose? Or should i apply new tourism visa?

    1. Wan,
      Yes, you can re-use your existing visa, so long as it did not expired during your visit in India. just make sure your business visa is multiple entry.

      1. Hi Sir ,Good day to you.I am Travelling to delhi on my pilgrimage on the 10 feb 2017.I have my valid paspot and a visa taken dated 2nd sep 2016 and it expire  1st mar 2017.its a multiple visa .I travelled to india in sep 2017 using that visa and then 2nd time I used the same visa and travelled again to india in oct 2017 and now in feb 10th to 20th I am traveling again to india for 3rd time . since the expiry is in march I hve to renew it or can I use the same visa ?  Its a multiple entry visa.Please advise .Thank you very muchMuthoo

  36. Hi , I just applied and paid (49.20 USD) for the eTV yesterday. Although it states it needs 3 days processing, it ends up it is granted within 12 hours. I was like “What ? Really that simple?!” until I have a doubt onto it. Does anyone experience that super fast processing ? Is this really reliable?

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