How To Buy Indian Railway Ticket via ClearTrip

Buying Indian train ticket is not something that straight forward as normal online purchase, you are required to have an Indian mobile number (+91) in order to get the Mobile OTP (One Time Password) for the registration process.

If you happen to have an indian mobile or have friends inside India, you can register directly from the official website, please note that international credit card are not accepted by the IRCTC booking system (I tried all the listed payment gateway options with my card, none of them make it through the payment page. If you managed to make payment successfully with non-indian issued card, please let me know, I’ll update this How-To). This instruction only apply for those using ClearTrip service.

ok, let get into the details process.
I try to make this how-to as much pictorial as possible for reference, however, please note that ClearTrip may have changed their website from time to time, you should consult them if there are any changes in the booking process.


Pre-requisite requirements:
– A scanned/photograph copy of you passport’s information page, jpeg format is recommended. you need to email this to IRCTC later.

Step 1:
– register an account with ClearTrip at, click the “Register” link on the top right corner.


Step 2:
– nothing special here, just fill in the blanks.


Step 3:
– if you have access to an indian mobile number (+91 country code), you may enter in the “Phone Number” field, else just throw in your own or any number. Please note that non-indian mobile will not get the Ticket Confirmation SMS once you have successfully booked the ticket.


Step 4:
– If you want to keep your card data with ClearTrip, you may click the “Start by adding a card” button, but for now, just click the “go to your account” link.


Step 5:
– Once you have successfully registered ClearTrip account, it will redirect you to this page, just click the “Get going somewhere” button to start the train selection process.


Step 6:
– Click on the Trains menu on the left.


Step 7:
– Select your train.


Step 8:
– Once you have selected your train, click on the “Check availability & book” button.


Step 9:
– Here is the important step, if you already have an IRCTC account, select “Sign in to your existing IRCTC account”, else just select the “Register for a new IRCTC account”.
– Fill in the required fields. the ClearTrip username is the email address you registered with them. see the right panel for instructions.
– After you completed this step, send your passport image to IRCTC as instructed.
– You may logout ClearTrip now, it woud take some times to get your OTP.


Step 10:
– When you received your email and mobile OTP from IRCTC, login back to ClearTrip, repeat step 7 ~ 8. (make sure you selected the correct number of passenger, because the system would not allow you to add more passenger later)
– You will again come to this page, click the link on (3) to activate your IRCTC account.


Step 11:
– As usual, just fill in the blanks 🙂


Step 12:
– Once your account have successfully linked to IRCTC, you should be able to see the seat availability after clicking the “Check availability & book” button.
– Click the “Book” button.


Step 13:
– Verify your itinerary & proceed.


Step 14:
– As usual again, fill in the blanks & proceed. please note that you can not add passenger on this page, to add extra passengers, start all over from step 7 again. stupid eh??
–  for the “Phone Numbers”, the system only send out the SMS to indian mobile number. you may key in any number here.


Step 15:
– Click the “Pay by Credit Card” menu on the left.
– Fill in the blanks.
– Double check everything before clicking the make payment button.
– Pray your payment went through the indian bureaucracy red tape 😉
– Successful booking will send the ticket to your email account shortly, there should be 2 attachment files, one pdf e-ticket and another don’t know what “XYZ Passbook.pkpass” file. If anyone know what is this pkpass file is and its usage, please let me know.


Step 16:
– Congratulation!! if you managed to come to this step, you already got your ticket 🙂
– Click on the grey bar to view your booking details.


Step 17:
– Voila~~ you’re done, happy travel in India 🙂



6 thoughts on “How To Buy Indian Railway Ticket via ClearTrip”

  1. Hi! Thanks for this informative post. I e-mailed IRCTC a copy of my passport 3 times over the course of a week and I have yet to hear from them. Any advice? any other solution? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you-

    1. I’m glad you find this post useful, but unfortunately we do not have control over IRCTC 😦
      I heard reports people took few days to few weeks to get reply from IRCTC, maybe you need to wait a little bit longer.
      It would be much easier if you have a friend in India and use his/her Indian mobile number to register.

  2. Hey Munkean! So I called IRCT and I got the mobile OTP. We purchased tickets through cleartrip and it worked. By the way they do accept all major credit cards and debit cards. Thanks for your help

    1. Glad you got the password.
      If you buy via cleartrip, yes they accept major credit/debit card.
      If you buy directly from IRCT, they only accept Indian based card.

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