Writing is never gonna be my cup of tea, so, instead of throwing you guys a looong paragraph make your eye tired, I think it maybe a good way to answer some of the most commonly asked question in the traditional FAQ way.


What the hell is this “FattyTourFine™☺” thingy?

FattyTourFine™☺ was taken from my bike Surly Long Haul Trucker’s “FattiesFitFine” tagline, since I’m pretty bulky and fat (a whoopy 120kg before this tour) & most people I met don’t believe I can tour solo without bringing down my weight to like 80kg+/- at the first place. FattyTourFine reminds me that even fat & unfit people, with proper preparation, still can do your dream tour & get slim down along the way 🙂

Who is munkean?

munkean is an IT Security guy by training (ahemm…./white hat/ if u know what I’m saying), but can’t resist the corrupt force of money & beautiful girls, turned into the dark side running a beauty salon VieCouture in SS2 PJ (Map).

Tell us a little bits about your epic tour.

Well, the plan is to cycle solo from Kepong, Malaysia to India & cycle back from India back to Malaysia. In the form of fully self supported, a la “bike is where my home is” style, makes friends & enjoy life along the way.

Some updates as of November 2011.
Well, Pakistan decided to stopped issuing VISA On Arrival at Sost border pretty much ruined my plan to cycle India and Nepal. I had no choice but turn west to head for central asia, I hope I can continue my journey all the way to europe.

Updates on 2012.
My passport was stolen in Dushanbe, I was forced to abandone my tour and head back home :'(. After resting for 7 months, now I started another…. well it actually continue from my original plan, to cycle the Indian Himalaya.

Why you do this, why? are you crazy?

13 years ago, I was on my first ever intl flight, first time backpacking, first time leaving the place I familiar to a country called Nepal, later en route into Tibet in a photography trip. It was a very shocking trip to me, I remembered when we were hauling up the Kamba-la (4794m) in a little mini bus at turtle speed, I saw a few farang riding their bike inching up the big hill, one pedal stroke at a time. Jeez, I said to myself, “how cool is that!! I’m  gonna ride my own Himalayas one day.”

That one day finally comes into reality now, after 13 years of dreaming, tried to gave it up a few times & focus on more “normal” dream, but the ghost just won’t let go. Between now & then I tried traditional backpacking travel, but the thirst of see-more, experience-more, feel-more just aren’t cut it, most of the time it was just too rush to travel in public vehicle or in group. i think bike tour reach the perfect balance of being local enough & yet do it economically.

How many countries you will travel into?

Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Cambodia.


Can I ask you some questions?

Sure, you can email me at munkean@gmail.com, but bear in mind that I may not be possible to answer all your questions on time, it depend on the internet availability and the time I have.

For more interactive communication, you may add my FaceBook page.


Touring the world, one country at a time…, by bike, solo.

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