Wa lau eh, this is what I’m gonna deal with? ?!!

This guy rode the same route I’m gonna take in mid november 2009. I pray pray this year will be warmer.

Check out the frozen bike too 🙂



Done Deal

Done Deal by mun_kean
Done Deal, a photo by mun_kean on Flickr.

After about 2 hrs bargain, the guy in the middle win the deal at 1800rmb.
Tho selling at lost value, i think Ah Q would be happy his donkey new owner
promised he won’t kill it for the meat. (Uygur ppl don’t eat donkey but
chinese Han does)

Sunday Animals Market

Sunday Animals Market by mun_kean
Sunday Animals Market, a photo by mun_kean on Flickr.

This is an animals market tradition dated back to ancient silk road era.
Thousands of lembu, kambing, unta and donkey being traded here once a week.
It was a very interesting experience to see ppl negotiate bargain for their
best deal. Pictured was a guy grabbing his runaway sheep.

People Mountain People Sea

People Mountain People Sea by mun_kean
People Mountain People Sea, a photo by mun_kean on Flickr.

Kashgar is a very lively city just as its ancient history where merchant
from Persian & Sere (aka. China) meets, trade and exchange. Pictured was a
typical morning road side market, very crowded like early days PC fair, you
can’t even stan still for long because the ppl will push you on. Kashgar is
a good place to experience middle age silk road life, substitute the modern
products with milk, animals, silk, there’s nothing much has change in 2000

Kashgar Old Town Youth Hostel

This is the court yard of the hostel, the building was previously owned by a
Uygur big family, a young guy bought it and convert it into one of the most
foreigners "infested" hostel in Kashgar.
I stayed here 3 nights, met travelers from german, france, swiss, england,
pakistan and a bunch of other unknown origin 🙂

As you can see all the tyre leftover by cyclists from all over the world
suggested this is "the" place to meet up "crazy guy on a bike" 🙂

Bye bye Patrick.

Bye bye Patrick. by mun_kean
Bye bye Patrick., a photo by mun_kean on Flickr.

I met Patrick from german in the hostel, after he hear my story being
stucked in Kashgar, he immediately gave me his central asia map & offer some
very informative advices. He quit his physiotherapy day job to cycling from
german to Kashgar.

Since he only have 30 days visa & wishes to cycle sichuan tibetan area, i
become his interpreter to sort out all the logistic & transportation
red-tape nightmare, it took us 2 days just to get a bus ticket out of town,
many "story" in between. But this morning i finally put him on the sleeper
bus to Urumqi then connect to Lanzhou to start his journey.

Even we just spent 2 days together, it was kinda like we’re 10 years old
buddy, sometimes magic friendship like this does happened and I’m glad i
bump into Patrick in my life.

Touring the world, one country at a time…, by bike, solo.

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