Today my original destination was Teluk Intan, about 35km away, which should be an easy day, so I gave myself an extra hour sleep and get ready by 8am. The morning sky in Sabak Bernam was covered with dark cloud & started to rain, after 2 days of hot sun ride, I thought today maybe I could have a SPA treaties 🙂

Finishing a KL priced, lousy tasteless wonton mee, I’m heading out the town. The rain getting bigger & bigger, there’s no sign of slowing down at any rate, but I kinda enjoy riding in rain except on and off a few bastard drivers splash water when they speed passing me. Look like JPJ’s efforts to educate drivers to behave nicely & respect others road users was a complete failure.

Soaked in rain



















Resting at Shell station, completely soaked in rain.

The petrol boy later convinced me to attack Setiawan instead of Teluk Intan,
a) if I went to Teluk Intan, tomorrow I need to back track the same road about 9km to reach the Setiawan junction; 
b) the distance is 59km and now is 9am, given my previous days experiences, should ok fine, maybe a bit late arrives.

So…decision made, target reset => Setiawan.

That changes turn out a good decision, though the last 2 hours was pretty tough due to hot temperature, I just have to make more frequent stop for drinks.

Wise investment?



















I don’t understand, from the business POV, who would have invest such an oversized restaurant in the middle of nowhere?

2 hours riding into nothing but endless palm trees, I found this Tiong Mutiara Restaurant. It is 11am++, worried after this point there maybe no more food stall in another 2 hours, I had my early lunch here. I ordered nasi lemak with fry egg & veggy, plus a teh-O ais cost me RM3.20. Good deal 🙂

nasi lemak



















Yummy nasi lemak

Cendol Pulut



















A true life saver 🙂 cendol pulut, RM1.50

pulut sticky rice


















Pulut is the sticky rice added into ordinary cendol. It not only quench your thirst but also fill your stomach.


You can find many stall selling drinks up to Kg. Kota Setia, after that basically there’s nothing until Batu 14 Lekir or Kg. Sungai Tiram, got to make sure you brought enough water with you. The final 8km from Kg. Batu Lapan Lekir to Setiawan was an easy ride, once you enter Kg. Koh, go straight all the way until you saw the sign “Yaohan Hotel” on top of an 3 storey end lot building. If travel from Kg. Koh, this is the first hotel in sight. RM50/room, air-cond, attached bathroom, TV, bike-in-lobby. Yaohan was pretty old & cleanliness ok. If you skipped Yaohan, go further down the road, there’s a junction point you to Lumut, turn left, you should find at least 5 newer hotel in different class at your choice. There’s a Tesco at the edge of the town too, beyond Tesco everything gone back to palm trees 🙂


Yaohan hotel setiawan



















Once in a glorious time, Yaohan hotel


Sabak Bernam

Time ride: 4:09hrs
Distance : 65.23km
Avg speed: 15.6km/h
Max speed: 29.7km/h

Today was rather uneventful, the road was flat & wide all the way from K.Selangor to Sabak Bernam. After a simple mamak breakfast, start cranking at 8am, enjoy the federal coastal route scenery, the same road we traveling to Sekinchan dinner last night, it was very different experience from in-car and on-bike. In-car, one tend to percept thing like watching a slideshow, flipping pages of short & blur memory at high speed, but on-bike, you actually want to press the fast-forward button :-), things were sooo slow moving, you saw an Indian temple 1km away, 5min later, it still in front of you like it was always be in that way.  Another unique experience was on-bike, one not only can enjoy the view, one can smell the depth too, riding thru Sekinchan you know it is a fisheries town, you get to feel more, use all your sensory organ to enjoy the travel instead of just by eye.

Arrived in Sabak Bernam about 3pm, trying to find the hotel Zoe Valfo-Bakilo mentioned in their crazyguyonabike journal, the whole township was split into 4 quadrant by a cross junction, the Swan Kee hotel located at the NE side next to a school, the hotel is somehow “self-service”, a “First time” for me, there ain’t any staff nor any reception, at the entrance, there’s a board written with the boss’s mobile number. You need to call him, get quote then go to the back (another double storey house), knock the window, pay the old lady & get your key. cool eh!?

Swan Kee shabby room

RM40/room, air-cond, attached bathroom, bike-in-room, no wifi, free security guards spying on you (the window facing the school guard house, if you lit up the light & did not close the curtain, you’re “naked” for public viewing ;-). They do have a cheaper RM20 fan only room, but alas I was spoiled by air-cond. One extra, the fan here was so strong that you can fan-dry your washed shirt in 2 hours, a very welcome “feature” 🙂

Everything got to start somewhere…

Distance: 61km
Highest speed: 34km/h
Avg speed: 15km/h
Highest temperature: 37C

God may have play a fool to me this morning, when I said goodbye to Jacky & Ah Siang and riding out to Jalan Kepong, suddenly, a heavy downpour rain came in nowhere, I did a U-turn in front of KFC & a couples of Polis on mobile van laugh uncontrollably at me. what the f*ck, I said.

Well, maybe I choose the wrong “Dong Seng” (通勝) date for travel :-), continue chit chat at KFC while waiting the rain to stop. I was kinda worry if my mis-alligned brake level would weaken the braking power in wet road…..

“Fast reverse 24 hrs earlier –> sending bike to Joo Ngan Son ParkCity for handlebar wrap & final checking, told the boss I’m going on long tour, pls check thoroughly & make sure everything OK, he nodded his head, said “no problem”. 9pm++ rush back the shop to take bike, that guy hand over the bike & closed shop. not until much later then only I realized the left (front) brake level was completely out of reach, it screwed. Damn, this so called “professional” mechanic render my brake useless right before my departure. there aren’t much I can do now.”

…..rain stopped, dark cloud looming, 7:05am, put on the Giro Flaks helmet, ride out to Jalan Kepong. To be honest, I was very nervous while swift thru the heavy morning traffic, Malaysian driver aren’t used to cyclist, any 4 wheel driver will just bully any 2 wheel poor bastard. 10min on the road, the tension & scare drove my adrenaline sky rocket high & sweat like hell.

It took me 35min to battle thru this crazy traffic onto lessen traffic sg. buluh road, had a simple breakfast with Jacky & Siang. This 2 guys follow me all the way to make sure I don’t get kill by Kepong traffic & they shoot some very nice photo too.

After sent them home at 8:30am, I was truly on my own now on. The bike is fully loaded, I think about 30kg ++ panniers plus the 15kg bike, it did perform very well under load, but my packaging mistake caused the weight distribution off balance. Not far from breakfast place, I was slowing down at a traffic light junction, any idiot would know a off balance bike in slow speed is asking for trouble, I did realized that and you’ve guessed it, I crashed down very ugly 🙂

10am arrived at the foot of hilly palm field near Kota Puteri, I look at the trailer/lori tyre thread print on the edge/shoulder of the road, telling myself “forget it, it aren’t worth to take the risks”, so jump off and start pushing the bike up hill. It took about 40min to reach the top, along the way you’ll witness the debris of accident dotting the road shoulder.

deadly road

Imagine if I were riding on the road shoulder……….

11am found a BHP petrol station in Ijok, hop in to catch some much needed cool air, had my first lunch “葉子媚大包” the perfect carbo source.

I took the decision to take the less traffics but 3km longer Kampong Kuantan route, highly recommended, but rather boring route & the extra 3km under 37C hot sun at 1pm was no fun.

When join back the main road to K.Selangor at a T junction, it is recommended to move into the left inner lane (lead to shop lots) to avoid the crowded traffics.

Tonight stayed in Melawati-Ria Hotel, (RM60/room, air-cond, attached bathroom, TV, Bike-in-Room), not really a bad choice since I really need a good rest. 6pm Jacky & Ann drove down from KL to buy me dinner at Sekinchan, had some good time chit chat & learn how to eat 蝦蛄, unlike in KL where the prawn were pre-process to make it easy to eat, here everything is in its raw shape, we was try-n-error before the Ah Moi show us how to peel off the shell. Kinda fun 🙂


Thank you all

This tour can be materialized, there’s lots of good soul behind it. I would like to take this space to thank PV Liew, being the first person contributed & support the idea, Marcia & Ben for the financial & moral support, Kah Hing for borrowing his wife bike to allow me do some training while waiting for my bike shipping KL, Jacky Lin & Ann for the good food & endless night of teh tarik listen to my “dream” talks, not forgetting BoBo Mak for taking up all the burden to keep VieCouture up & running while I run away for 2 years++.

There are many many more people I wanted to appreciates their contributions, supports but due to limited space, I can’t list them all here.

Thanks guys. you are my hero.

Touring the world, one country at a time…, by bike, solo.

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