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Applying India visa for Malaysian passport holder

[Updated info as of 18 January 2016]
Price list photo taken by reader.

Photo credit: Johnny Chai

[Updated info as of 3 October 2015]

  • The visa price has been increased by 19% with effective from 1st October 2015.
    India visa price 2015
  • Besides the normal visa described in below article, India government has implemented a new online service for Indian visa application, it’s called e-TOURIST VISA (eTV), in which the applicant doing the entire application from online, no longer required to print out the application form and submitted it to the visa center in person. For more info, please visit:
  • I have not tried the new eTV application approach yet, with feedback from friend, the new eTV tourist visa was cost US$61.80 for single entry 30 days stay period.
    eTV visa


[Updated info as of 22 August 2014]

  • The visa center implemented the biometrics reading policy where every time one apply a visa, he/she will required to scan his/her all ten fingers print & a mug shot photo. The process is simple, when instructed, you stand on a blue box marked on the floor, look at the tiny camera, then step up to put your left palm press firmly onto the scanner, it will be lit up green light, when beep, you scan your right palm, and finally both thumb.
  • Another new regulation effective from 10 March 2014 is the requirement for confirmed flight ticket to & from India. If you do not have a return flight ticket print out, the receptionist may refused to issue you the queue number for submission. Base on my observation, currently they only enforce the inbound (to India) ticket, if you explain to the officer you will be fly home via Nepal, it should be fine, but again, the officer will have the final call.
  • This was what I went thru, maybe you guys can get some ideas how to deal with it.
    ok, I only have a one-way ticket to Kolkata. The receptionist at first refused to accept my application, but I explain nicely to her I plan to fly out via Nepal, that’s why I do not have an fly home ticket from India, and I request to speak to an officer to offer my explanation, she asked me check with officer in counter 7 or 8 (which is Premium Service counter), I explain my situation (talk nicely is the key here), initially she want me to present my return ticket from Nepal, but I told her I will be there for 2~3 months, so I would not possibly know when exactly I will fly home at this moment and she agreed to process my application. I went back to the receptionist with the green light and she issued me the queue number.
  • India seems like changing their visa policy pretty frequently, if you guys experienced something new, please send me a note to update me, I will update this How-To guide accordingly. Thanks.


The visa center also offer some extra services like instant visa photo, home delivery etc.


There were reports where people without any flight ticket can get their India visa done via the travel agent on the left of the visa center, charges is RM200 all in, you do not need to fill up any online form, they will handle everything for you. I have not use their services personally, so I can not commend on it. If you choose to use their service, use it as your own risks.

[Updated info as of 28 April 2014]

  • According to reader’s report, now India give out 45 days stay for tourist visa (instead of the previous 30 days).
    Below notice was displayed in the visa center.
    India visa biometric India visa 45 days
  • India requires you to submit the visa application in person as they will scan your biometric finger prints during the submission process.

[Updated info as of 28 June 2013]

  • There is a new visa regulation effective from Jan 2013 to limit the duration of stay in India to 30 days instead of previously 180 days. (only apply to Malaysian passport, I’m not sure about other countries)
  • The fees for tourist visa remain the same, regardless single, double or multiple entries.
  • This is the new visa, you can compare it with the original version below. (new version do not have the signature printed)2013-06-28_18-10-15_202

—————–Original version below————————————————-

I thought it might be a good idea sharing the application process I went thru when I applying my Indian tourist visa.


Pre-requisite readings.
more info on http://www.indiavisa.com.my/visa_type/tourist_visa.php

  • you need a passport valid for 6 months with minimum two blank pages.
  • 2 recent coloured photographs (2 inches X 2 inches) with white background ONLY.
    (make sure your visa photo do not look too much differences from your passport photo, people were rejected their visa because of that)
  • please note that Indian visa validity date start counting upon issued, meaning if you given a 90 days visa, the 90 days start from the date it issued to you, not starting from the date you enter the country.
  1. goto http://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/, read all the important messages.
  2. click on the “Online Visa Application Registration” link on the page bottom.
  3. fill in the following 3 pages form. It is not hard, you should be able to figure it out.
    Page 1 of Indian Visa Form
    Page 2 of Indian Visa Form

    Page 3 of Indian Visa Form
  4. on page 3, you may skip the upload photo section, as you need to submit the actual photo in person to the visa center.
  5. after verified all the data entered correctly, click on the “next”, you will be given a File Number. write it down as it will be the main code for future references.
  6. click the “Print” button on the dialog box to download/print the pdf file. I suggest you saved & keep a copy of the pdf file.
  7. goto http://www.indiavisa.com.my/contact/obtain_india_visa.php, pay attention on the application submission date & time.
  8. bring your 2 pieces photo, passport and the 1 (one copy) printed form to the visa center.
  9. goto the IVS visa center Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm (except holiday). It is located opposite Agro Bank, next to 7-Eleven.
    GPS: N 3°8’49.14″, E 101°41’39.26″
    Google Map: https://maps.google.com/maps?q=loc:03.14698,101.69424&t=m&z=15
  10. walk in, submit your form, photo & passport to the receptionist, get a queue number.
  11. when in your turn, pay RM161.56 cash (for Malaysian, 90 or 180 days Tourist visa regardless single/double entry).
  12. make sure you get the official receipt AND a queue number ticket. this must be presented when you collect your visa & passport later.
  13. the officer should tell you to come back collect it in 2~3 working days, please note that the collection time is between 4pm~5pm ONLY.
  14. upon arrival on the collection day, queue up on the counter marked “Collection”, hand in your receipt, voila~ you’re done 🙂
    here’s a sample of how’s the visa look like.

    India Tourist Visa

That’s it, I hope this info would be helpful for you 🙂